Take advantage of a 50% discount on flight licenses; this offer is limited-time only!

The flight license is for sale at SimFly’s bank at Level 1 – Cadet. With your dedication in the clear blue skies, you have the opportunity to upgrade its level and ascend the ranks of the pilot grades. Each level gained will allow you to unlock increasingly challenging and rewarding PAX missions, also boosting the PAX value of your own license. If you wish, you can put your license up for sale in the Marketplace, setting your own price, as licenses beyond Cadet level will never be sold by the Bank.

Our recommendation is to purchase multiple flight licenses: keep one for your personal career and use the others, without getting too attached, to elevate their levels and monetize your efforts.

You have a great opportunity to capitalize on your commitment to flights. Don’t miss this chance, because this discount will not be repeated in the future!

Phase 3 | Pilot License


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