As SimFly works tirelessly to deliver the comprehensive experience of a “Fly and Earn” platform, we understand that it’s the small steps that go a long way. We are excited to announce a fundamental, yet essential feature that is being launched today: how SimFly records all your details and flights in the “Log Book.”

The Log Book serves as the public profile for each SimFly user. It has a straightforward layout and is packed with information not only about your current flight but also about the history of all your previous flights made with your fleet of planes, along with the financials of your career, and the assets you own.

  • The Statistics section meticulously gathers data about your recent flights, providing a detailed insight into your performance. By knowing the averages and totals of your flights, you can measure your progress and skill in mastering the skies. And let’s not forget the satisfaction that comes from watching the number of world circumnavigations increase, accompanied by the thrilling unlocking of country flags each time you land or take off from a new location!

  • In the Economics section, you can delve into your intriguing income, broken down into categories such as Pilot Licenses, Airplanes, and Airports. The totals, percentages, and the best asset in each category will offer a comprehensive perspective on your financial accomplishments. Plus, the overall total of earned PAX will provide a complete snapshot of your career success.

  • The Assets Owned section allows you to proudly display to your fellow aviators the assets you have accumulated throughout your career. Share your acquisitions, which may include new airplanes, conquered airports, and obtained pilot licenses. You will even have the opportunity to receive purchase proposals for your assets.

  • The Flight Log, your trustworthy digital flight logbook, is a vital component for every serious pilot. It meticulously records every detail of your flights, from the routes taken to the earnings accumulated. This section will provide you with detailed data and tools for analysis to evaluate your performance, enhance your strategies, and reminisce about your adventures.

  • Lastly, the Flights Map section presents a visual representation of the flight routes you’ve taken as an experienced pilot. Enjoy the chance to revisit your aerial adventures through an interactive map that traces your journeys around the globe.


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