SimFly Beta Testing Update: It has begun!

This week is exciting as we prepare the first wave of beta testers and get their initial feedback. We can’t wait to release it to the public later this year and watch everyone use SimFly as part of their normal flight sim setup. Everyone is so excited to get their hands on SimFly.

We also want to hear your feedback on features you would like to see in its release and future updates.

We are now preparing a competition giveaway for planes and airports happening in November/December just prior to the release of the SimFly client, and there will be a launch of videos on YouTube showing how to use SimFly in detail for the new flight simmer who has yet to access what SimFly has to offer.

Next week, we have an exciting announcement to make as well for what we are planning for SimFly after its release, and we know everyone will love it. It’s going to really push everyone’s creativity for flight simulation in the future.

For now, we will get back to work as we roll out the beta and prepare the final release later this year.

Fast flights and soft landings to everyone. SimFly

SimFly – Take off and get more!

SimFly: Beta Testing and Exciting Updates!


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