Dear SimFly Pilots,

We’re here for another weekly update on our latest news!

We extend our deepest thanks to all users and beta testers who have contributed with their indispensable support. Your participation has been crucial and has allowed us to achieve significant milestones. We’re excited to announce news that many have been eagerly awaiting.

The wait, longer than expected, has finally led to a positive outcome. With great pleasure, we confirm the favorable results of the tests. This allows us to set a definitive date for the completion of the beta phase of the Test Pilot mission. At this pivotal moment, we are pleased to announce that experience points will be permanently assigned.

This milestone represents a significant moment for all of us, marking the beginning of a new phase of growth and development. Thank you again for your commitment and for sharing this journey with us.

The release is scheduled for Friday, March 8th, at 01:00 PM Z. Please note that, by that time, there may be temporary interruptions of services for a few hours due to maintenance operations. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to announce that Roberto Capodieci, our CTO, will introduce further new features now available in his weekly video. Among these, the launch of the new Airbus A321 Neo, which, following our tradition, will be offered at a 50% discount for a period of 15 days. This initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to expanding and improving our fleet, listening to the needs and wishes of our users. We encourage you to actively participate in our Discord channel, where we frequently conduct polls to find out which aircraft you would like to see added to our service.

Additionally, we are pleased to introduce the new 3D route feature. Although not yet complete, we have decided to make this option available to offer you a preview of what we are working on. The 3D view can be accessed by selecting the appropriate item in the map preferences menu. Even though it is a work in progress, we believe this new feature will add significant value to your experience, and we are eager to receive your feedback to further improve it.

Curious to find out more details? Don’t miss Roberto’s video!

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Test Pilot Mission: Beta Conclusion!


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