Greetings, SimFly Community!

In this edition of our newsletter, we wish to begin by expressing our deep gratitude to all of you for your ongoing support and constant engagement. Your support is crucial to us and motivates us to make progress every day.

We also take this opportunity to share with you the latest updates on our commitment to the continuous improvement of the project. Currently, our team is fully immersed in optimization work and bug fixing, with a primary goal of refining the “brain” of our system. This effort is aimed at ensuring a more effective and satisfying user experience.

Lately, we’ve focused our efforts not only on developing the game but also on innovating our digital ecosystem. We are thrilled to share our commitment to creating a completely renovated marketplace. This platform, the result of months of work and dedication and still under development, is designed to offer an extremely intuitive user interface that facilitates both the purchase of assets directly from the bank and their resale on the market. We’ve committed to making the system’s design both simple and functional, to ensure that every user can easily understand and leverage the potential and opportunities offered by the assets at their disposal.

Additionally, by visiting, you’ll have access to our new web page dedicated to monitoring the server status. This implementation represents an important step towards improving the control and management of our portal, offering you an even smoother and uninterrupted user experience.

As always, don’t miss the video from Roberto, our CTO, for all the details!

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Preview: New Marketplace and Servers Status Page


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