Dear SimFly Users,

We are happy to reconnect this week for our regular update on the progress at SimFly.

In this week’s video, Roberto will guide you through the developments of our webapp. Below, you will find a preview of what will be discussed, but we invite you to watch the video for all the detailed information.

Brain 2.0 Development
Our team is putting in significant efforts to develop Brain 2.0. This represents a major advancement over the current version. In the video, Roberto will delve into the technical details and the innovations we are introducing, hinting at an increasingly imminent release date.

Flight Analysis
Our developers are working hard to complete the score section, which is essential for the development of future missions and the completion of the ongoing test pilot mission.

Asset Activation
We are also committed to activating the asset section, which will allow for more effective and integrated resource management.

Completion of the Unrestricted Flight Mission
With the above developments, we are nearly ready to launch the second mission, Unrestricted Flight, which will also include the definitive release of the PAX.

Marketplace Version 2.0
Finally, we are in an advanced stage in the development of our new Marketplace Version 2.0. This platform promises to offer an improved user experience and further expand market opportunities for all our partners and clients.

We thank you for your constant support and presence. We look forward to sharing more news in the next newsletter. See you next time!

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