Dear SimFly Users,

We are pleased to share the latest developments on the SimFly brain, which is now nearing completion. We anticipate closing this development phase within the next two weeks.

This week, our focus has been on testing the timers (24-48 hour counters present in the logbook). The tests concluded successfully, and we are happy to announce that this step is now completed.

Next week will be dedicated to the final development point: the integration of Sky Sentinel messages, our system for verifying the presence of the pilot. The system has already been developed, and in the coming days, we will continue testing to ensure its proper functioning. Simultaneously, we are testing a new version of the client that will introduce the ability to detect the landing rate, essential for the subsequent development of missions.

What Will Change for Users?

Once completed, the new brain will offer a solution to many of the errors present in the current version and will ensure greater stability across all flight simulators.

After the Launch:

Do not miss the video from last week that illustrates the development process of SimFly. Discover more about how we are working to enhance your simulation experience.

We thank you for your patience and support during this development period. Stay tuned for the next update and get ready to fly with the new SimFly brain!

SimFly – Take off and get more!

The SimFly Brain Nearly Complete!


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