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We are excited to bring you the latest updates and new features designed to enhance your flying experience with SimFly. This week, we have some important announcements and answers to your top questions.

Upcoming Release: Full Flight Analysis We are thrilled to announce that the full flight analysis, including scores and log penalties, is set to be released on Thursday, July 11th. This feature will provide detailed insights into your flights, with a comprehensive breakdown of scores for each aspect of your flight. You can click on each penalty to see exactly where it occurred on the map, helping you improve your performance. This feature is unique to SimFly, and we believe it will significantly enhance your flight simulations.

Community Questions: Top Voted Q&A We received numerous questions from our community, and we’re here to address the most popular ones:

1. PAX Token Economy: The PAX token is not a stablecoin but rather a token with a guaranteed value of $1 at checkout within the SimFly marketplace. You can freely trade PAX tokens with other users at any price you agree upon. This flexibility allows you to sell your tokens for less than $1 if you choose, creating a dynamic and user-driven economy within SimFly.

2. Experience Points (XP) for Upgrades: The amount of XP needed to upgrade assets such as licenses, airplanes, and airports varies based on the level and type of upgrade. Each asset collects XP through usage, and you can track your progress via a green bar that indicates how close you are to the next level. Upgrading assets will increase their productivity and the amount of PAX tokens they generate.

3. Virtual Airlines and Shared Flights: We are planning to support virtual airlines within SimFly, allowing pilots to manage airports and airplanes collectively. Although this feature is further in the future, we are also considering integration with external virtual airlines, enabling you to participate in shared flights and accumulate experience points and PAX tokens.

4. VR Compatibility and Flight Sentinel: We acknowledge the challenges faced by VR users with the Flight Sentinel anti-cheat system. While it is complex to integrate these features within the simulator client, we are actively working on a solution. If you have development experience in this area, we invite you to reach out to us for collaboration.

Stay Engaged: Join the Conversation We encourage you to participate in our Q&A AMA section, where you can ask questions and engage directly with our community. Your input helps us prioritize and deliver the features you value most.

Watch Roberto’s Latest Video To see all these new features in action and get more details, don’t miss Roberto’s latest video! Click here to watch it and stay tuned for further updates.

Thank you for your continued support!

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