Passive Income with NFTs

Discover SimFly, a revolutionary Play-to-Earn project in the flight simulation market that offers unique income-generating opportunities for NFT investors like you.

  • Established Ecosystem: Tap into a booming flight simulator community with millions of users.
  • Passive Income: Earn from airport and airplane NFTs without even playing the game.
  • Asset Growth: Increase your NFTs’ value by using them in the SimFly metaverse.
  • Freedom of Trade: Your NFTs are tradable in any NFT platform. For example see SimFly Airports in OpenSea:

Introducing SimFly: A Revolutionary Play-to-Earn Experience for NFT Investors and Collectors

Welcome to SimFly, the groundbreaking Play-to-Earn (P2E) project that is transforming the world of flight simulators through an innovative WEB3-NFT ecosystem.

With millions of users already immersed in this thrilling market (, SimFly offers a unique opportunity for NFT investors and collectors to own an asset that not only appreciates in value but can also generate passive income.


Why SimFly is the Ultimate Opportunity for Crypto Investors:

  1. Tap into an Established and Growing Market: SimFly targets flight simulator enthusiasts who are already part of a vibrant community, spending hours daily on the four leading flight simulator platforms. Our most popular platform, Microsoft, boasts over 10 million players. 
  2. Generate Passive Income: Owning NFTs in SimFly allows you to earn passive income without even playing the game. Airport NFT owners generate revenue every time a pilot takes off or lands, while airplane NFT owners earn passive income for every minute their aircraft is rented by a player. 
  3. Enhance the Realism of Flight Simulators: SimFly adds a financial layer to flight simulation, further engaging users by offering rewards for activities they already enjoy. Pilots can earn income for flying, airport owners receive revenue from flights, and airplane owners can rent their aircraft to pilots. 
  4. A Play-to-Earn Layer on an Existing Ecosystem: Unlike other P2E projects built solely around a crypto token, SimFly is integrated with an existing ecosystem that already boasts millions of users and a thriving circular economy. 
  5. Grow and Monetize Your NFT Assets: Users can increase the value and level of their NFT assets through active use. Higher levels mean higher returns, and NFT owners can trade their assets on various marketplaces, including our internal platform and popular external ones like OpenSea. 


Don’t Miss Out on Our Pre-Sale!

Take advantage of our limited-time pre-sale event, with discounts up to 50%! Secure your place in the world of SimFly by purchasing NFTs representing airports, airplanes, and pilot licenses. Join our growing community of over 1,000 simmers and become part of this revolutionary P2E experience.

Get your NFT today:

Invest in SimFly: A Future-Proof Gaming Experience

At SimFly, we’re constantly developing new features and expanding our metaverse. In the near future, users will be able to create airlines, hire pilots, and even sell passenger tickets for guided tours around the meta-world. Invest in SimFly and join us on this exciting journey into the future of flight simulation, NFTs, and play-to-earn gaming.


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