User Activity Rewards System

Amount offered: USD 1000 to USD 1500 (based on results and amount of SM included)


The desired outcome of the project is to develop a system that integrates with our existing application. The system should be capable of monitoring and tracking user activities across various social media platforms. The activities should then be evaluated, with users awarded points based on a pre-determined set of criteria, with emphasis on the impact or reach of their activity.

Key Features:

  • Social Media Integration: The system should be able to integrate with major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  • User Account Verification: Users must first declare their social media account(s) for tracking purposes. The system should verify that the user is indeed the owner of the account.
  • Activity Monitoring: The system should track the user’s specific actions on the social media platforms. For example, the system should be able to monitor tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, and YouTube posts that include specific hashtags, mentions, and unique identifiers.
  • Activity Evaluation: The system should evaluate the user’s activities based on pre-defined criteria.
  • For Twitter, criteria might include the number of likes, retweets, and responses a tweet receives, as well as the number of followers the user’s Twitter account has. The tweet must include two specific hashtags (#simfly and a unique hashtag such as #ae243hd) and a mention (@simfly_app).
  • For Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social platforms, similar criteria should be applied, taking into account each platform’s unique interactions (likes, shares, comments, views, followers, etc.).
  • Points Allocation: Upon evaluation, the system should award points to the user based on the reach and impact of their activity.

End Goal:

The end goal of the application is to incentivize users to engage in promotional activities for our application on their social media platforms, thereby increasing our application’s visibility, user engagement, and potentially attracting new users. This will be accomplished through the implementation of a reward system that evaluates and rewards points for such activities.

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